Folder Toolbar

The toolbar contains tools relating to the folder currently selected on the tree.

New Folder

This will create a new , empty folder in the location currently selected on the Folder Tree.

Folder Information

This shows information on the folder currently selected on the folder tree. You can edit the Folder Name by clicking on it and typing the new name. The Parent Folder is there for informative purposes only and, as the name states, shows the name of the parent folder. If the folder is at root level, the box will be empty.

Edit Group

This contains standard Cut, Copy, Delete and Paste functionality for the current folder.

Print folder

This allows you to print all the components of the current folder. By clicking on the arrow below the Print button you get the following additional options: Page Setup, Print Preview, Export to Rich Text Format, and Export to Microsoft Office Word 2007. The functionality of those is identical to this on the Publish button on the Project toolbar.

New Component Group

By clicking on the New Component group you can create a new component in the current folder. The components are split in three categories, containing the following use cases:


Tension parallel to the grain
Tension perpendicular to the grain
Compression parallel to the grain
Compression perpendicular to the grain
Compression at an angle to the grain
Bending around one axis
Biaxial bending
Combined bending and axial tension
Combined bending and axial compression


Column design
Beam design
Single-tapered beams
Double tapered, curved, and pitched-cambered beams
Beams with a notch at the support


Connection under tension
Moment-resisting connection

For more information regarding each case see the relevant pages in the Technical Information section.