File toolbar

This toolbar contains all the tools relating to file functions, most of which you will be familiar with from other applications.

Project Group

This group contains file operations relating to the projects. These are New, Open, Recent Projects, Save, Save As, and Close.


keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + N

Starts a new Project. On starting a new project, you will be presented with a pop-up window and asked to fill in some information.

The only mandatory field is Name, which refers to the file name for the current project. The rest of the text fields (Location, Client, Associates, and Other) are there for your reference and are optional. You can always edit these later from the Project toolbar.


keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + O

Opens a browse window where you can load a saved project. Only Teretron Project files (.tpr) are valid.

Recent Projects

Opens a list of recently saved projects. If you click on a project on the list, this is loaded as the main project.


keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + S

Saves the current project. If the current project does not have a file name, you'll be asked to define one.

Save As

keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + S

Saves the current project in a new file. You will be asked to define the file name.


keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + W

Closes the project currently open. If there has been any change since the last save, you will be asked if you want to save the changes

Application Group

This group contains tools relating to the application in general.

View Factors

Teretron employs default values for the various factors used in Eurocode 5. These defaults are based on the general Eurocode document, with adjustments based on the National Annex for your respective version (UK National Annex for the English version).

By clicking on the View Factors button you can see, but not edit, these values.

You can change these values for the entire project via Project > Project Factors, or for a specific component via Component > Component Factors.


Teretron has a default colour scheme. You can however select a different colour scheme to match your desktop theme, or simply one that you feel more comfortable working on!


keyboard shortcut: Alt + F4

Exits the application.