Connections under tension

Inputs for Nail Fasteners

Nail shape

Teretron supports round and square nails.

Diameter d

The cross-sectional diameter of a round nail, in mm.

Side length d

The cross-sectional side length of a square nail, in mm.


The length of the nails, in mm.

Characteristic tensile strength fu,k

The characteristic tensile strength fu,k of the nails, in MPa.

It is required for smooth nails.

Non-smooth nails

The default assumption is for smooth nails. If the nails are non-smooth, the box has to be checked.

Characteristic yield moment My,Rk

The characteristic yield moment My,Rk of the nails, in Nmm.

It is required for non-smooth nails, where the relevant standards do not provide an equation for its calculation.


This box has to be checked if predrilling is performed.

Note that predrilling is mandatory in a number of design cases.

Rope effect

This box has to be checked if the rope effect is to be taken into account in the determination of the load carrying capacity of the fasteners, according to Subclause 8.2.2(2).

Characteristic capacity Fax, Rk

The characteristic axial withdrawal capacity of the fastener, in N.