Beam design

Loading Inputs

Design compressive force Fc,0,d

The design value of the compressive force acting on the cross-section parallel to the grain, in kN.

Design moment My,d

The design moment about the y-y axis, in kNm.

Load duration class

The load duration class, as defined in Clause

Service class

The service class, taking into account the temperature and relative humidity of the environment, as described in Clause


Factor kmod taking into account the effect of the duration of the loads and the moisture content, according to Clause 3.1.3.

Loading area

Table 6.1 states certain modifications to effective length depending on the position of the applied load.

There are three possible options for the load to be applied at:

  • ○ the centre of gravity of the beam
  • ○ the compression edge of the beam
  • ○ the tension edge of the beam

Loading type

Table 6.1 states certain types of effective length in bending based on the support conditions of the beam and the type of loading. These depend on the support conditions of the beam.

For a simply supported beam:

  • ○ Constant moment
  • ○ Uniformly distributed load
  • ○ Concentrated force at the middle of the span

For a cantilever:

  • ○ Uniformly distributed load
  • ○ Concentrated force at the free end

For other types of beam, the user has to define his/her own effective length as a ratio of the span.