Compression parallel to the grain

Cross-sectional Inputs

All references to EN 1995-1-1:2004 unless otherwise stated.

This tests a cross-section in compression parallel to the grain according to Clause 6.1.4.

Timber type

The timber type of the cross-section. See the timber database section for the types supported by Teretron.

Cross-section type

The geometry type of the cross-section.

Width b

The width of a rectangular cross-section, in mm.

Depth h

The depth of a rectangular cross-section, in mm.

Diameter d

The diameter of a circular cross-section, in mm.

Area A

The area of a generic cross-section, in mm2.

Area reduction

The area reduction ΔA refers to reductions in the nominal cross-section size that have to be taken into account in the calculation of the member strength (e.g. holes from fasteners) according to Subclause 5.2(2).

It should be given as a percentage of the total nominal area of the cross-section.

Contribution of the load distribution system in the member strength properties

Includes factor ksys for the calculation of the member strength, according to Clause 6.6, for a member that functions as part of a continuous load distribution system.

Note that Subclause 6.6(3) states that the strength verification for a continuous load distribution system should be carried out assuming short-term load duration.